Digital properties are essential for connecting with members and donors to drive enrollment, engagement, and retention. When we collaborate using our collective brand, talent and resources—we can better serve, strengthen and respond to our diverse communities with mission-driven work.

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Launching an Open Y site takes planning, resources and in most cases, working with a partner.

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Through collaboration, focus, planning and commitment, YMCAs can better serve our mission by: 

Customer experiences

Exceeding customer expectations

Retain existing customers and engage new ones with stellar digital experiences

Time & Cost Savings

Saving money and time

More efficient digital experience creation, which allows more to be invested in programs that serve our communities

Increased Efficiency

Increasing operational efficiency

Reduced duplication of effort by tapping into talents and insights from across the movement

By The Numbers


Live Sites

180 YMCA associations are live on Open Y


Member Associations

300 YMCA associations are live, committed, or evaluating


Of Y Members

53% of all YMCA members in the USA will be served using Open Y