Open Y digital platform to Transition to Y-USA’s Digital Technology Team in 2022

Updated as of June 1, 2022: 

Open Y started locally, experienced rapid growth, and is now ready to be scaled nationally

The goals of the Open Y digital platform will remain the same under Y-USA’s eventual leadership and management:

  • Connected YMCAs – deep digital collaboration across YMCA associations
  • Digital Strategy – continued progress and commitment to our digital transformation
  • Technology – connected and aligned digital platforms and products
  • Sharing – creating economies of scale through shared learning and execution
  • Cost – reducing barriers to technology adoption at an affordable cost

What You Need to Know About the Transition 

  • The Open Y platform transition is planned to commence on June 1, 2022.
  • Y USA remains committed to the benefits of Open Source and intends on making its version of the Open Y digital platform available to all.
  • Y USA will be creating new Slack, Message Board, Monthly Calls, and YouTube communication channels for Community involvement. Open Y will maintain existing Slack, Message Board, YouTube, and platforms for the foreseeable future.
  • Open Y LLC will remain a subsidiary of YMCA of the North.
  • Y USA will be collaborating with existing core partners of Open Y for future development opportunities.
  • Y USA will form a product advisory committee in Q2 and Q3 2022 to help formulate the roadmap and priorities for the future of the Open Y digital platform.
  • Y USA updates related to the future of their version of the Open Y digital platform can be found on the Y USA Y Cloud website.

We want to share our gratitude: Open Y impact and successes were a result of all of you

Open Y is so many things, and perhaps most importantly it is community - a group of like-minded individuals putting energy and resources into digital for our common good. We are grateful for all the YMCAs and partners who have funded, supported and/or participated in Open Y up to this point. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

Please submit your questions to the Open Y core team and the Y USA technology team. 

The Open Y Core Team and Y USA


Thank you to our partners