Open Y: Expanding mission and impact thru digital collaboration and delivery

To go fast, go alone; but to go far, go together.’ - African Proverb

We all know the world has changed. We also know the YMCA has been responding to change, innovating, and driving transformation since its founding. 

Now is no different and yet there’s a new twist—our next quantum leap needs to be digital. We are being called upon to connect with our members, participants, donors and communities in new ways. Our websites, digital platforms and virtual programs are now considered as relevant—or more so—than our physical spaces. 

ymca360-woman-yoga and resources during Coronavirus

As Ys around the world work alongside local governments and organizations during the pandemic, YMCA 360, the CMO Basecamp group, and the Open Y community are supporting each other with an amazing show of abundance and goodwill. 

The YMCA 360 website is live with 60 on-demand exercise classes and more on the way! Special thanks to the Greater Wichita YMCA, YMCA 360 Founders and Leadership team for making this fabulous community resource available so quickly. 

What is Open Y text block

What is Open Y?

December 2019

As many of you may already know, Open Y was created by a collective of Ys so we could be more efficient with our digital spends and to create better user experiences.

Open Y is a digital customer experience platform designed to help Y associations of all sizes go beyond their four walls and leverage the power of digital technology to connect with their communities in new and exciting ways. We have some systemic challenges and together, we can share and create something better. 

2019 Open Y Summit

2019 Open Y Summit Announced

When: October 22-23, 2019
Location: Opryland, 2800 Opryland Dr, Nashville, TN 37214
Hosts: YMCA of the Middle Tennessee and Open Y 

The Summit will be two exciting days covering topics like Open Y Features, Collaborations, Panels + Connections, and more hands-on workshops with our technical leads, other Ys and partners.