Open Y meet-ups and learning sessions


We plan to offer these meet-ups as part of our COVID-19 response to keep us all connected and learning. Please let us know if you’re interested in attending, have topic suggestions, or something you’d like to present. Sign up today


Current Offerings 

Live Streaming Gear + Set-up
June 4 -- 1:00-1:30pm CT
Jim Paro, YMCA of Greater Brandywine
Mike Hodge, YMCA of Greater Houston
Nathan Hippenmeyer, YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities
A deeper dive into the gear, equipment, software and workflow setups to start your live streaming experience. Prereq: view the livestreaming video from 5/7 with Hipp and John and Mike from Houston.

Live Streaming and Video Open Q&A 
June 11 -- 2:30-3:00pm CT
Nathan Hippenmeyer, YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities   

Our resident video king will be on hand to answer your questions, and also discuss topics like music licensing, Facebook tips for streaming content, integration with activity finder, pulling from Zoom API calls and developing online schedules, and countdown timers and pre-roll graphics.

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Past Events 

Content: from chaos to calm 
May 21, 1:30-2:00 pm Central
30 minutes - Sarah Baker, South Hampton Roads

Along with a landing page how to, learn about the art of using data and your internal compass to create powerful content experiences. Bonus: Sarah is a pro at Daxko's virtual check-ins! 

DIY: Practical HTML for the real world
May 14, 2-2:30 pm Central
David Wells, Middle Tennessee

Grrrr! Why is my email tool not styling correctly? And what’s the deal with this formatting on my website? No matter which tool you use, working with a text editor can sometimes be...iffy. If you’d like to take full control over your content editing experience, join us for a quick session on basic HTML.

In-house videos: on-the-fly and super-fly
30 minutes - Nathan Hippenmeyer, YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities  
Mike Hodge and Jon Kidwell, YMCA of Greater Houston 
Thursday, May 7, 2-2:30 pm

We’re all learning new things about videos these days. Get pointers from the pros on how to capture and distribute content from team members. 

Put on your own mask first: mini-meditation for self-care 
15 minutes - Amber Richard, Open Y
Thursday, April 30 - 2 pm Central

Self-care is crucial as we learn a new way of being, take care of our loved ones and manage our roles. Use breathwork to soothe your nervous system.