Open Y Summit Update

2019 Open Y Summit

September 2019

Hey y'all! The Summit is a month away and there is still time to register. As always, email us if you have questions.

Hear from Digital Customer Experience Experts

Letitia Webster, one of the Top 20 Women in Retail Tech, will share the Tractor Supply Company's transformation to an omni-channel organization with a seamless experience between digital and in-store. Read moreSpoiler alert: This happened within the past five years.

Jeremy Meadows, Senior Manager, Nissan Brand & Customer Journey Strategy, will talk about Precision Marketing and how Nissan uses customer data to target the right audience on the right channel at the right time. From reserving a Leaf online to the Titan's "snow school," Nissan is changing the way their customers experience their brand. 70 pieces of content for the Nissan Versa? DONE!

What Else Can You Expect?

  • The Collaboration Room will be open during the entire event with featured exhibitors ImageX, Daxko, Five Jars, eGym, Netpulse, and Mindbody.
  • Wednesday afternoon working sessions: Get your questions answered. Meet in real life with the strategy and development leads on Open Y, as well as other partners and YMCAs.
  • We'll also have tables and some lounge seating set up so you can meet with other partners and attendees or check in with the folks back home. See who's coming.

Event Information

  • Register if you haven't already. We want to know you're coming and make sure we can feed you.
  • Hotel discount ends Monday, Sept. 30. Reserve soon as our room block availability is dwindling.
  • Enjoy one of the city's best rooftops in beautiful downtown Nashville at The George Jones on Tuesday night. Get a sneak peek.
  • Y team members will earn Y-USA leader recertification credits for the Summit this year. Here's how you do it.


If you haven't already, please register through Eventbrite by Monday, Sept. 30.