Version 2.1.1 is now live

New Release 2.1.1

May 2019

This is a minor release. You should only update to this version if you are impacted by any of the issues listed in the detailed release notes here.

Summary of bugs fixed in this release:

  • Alerts can now be placed on different areas of the page; styling updates made to the alerts template
  • Fixed error in Lily theme when trying to view previews of nodes

Activity Finder fixes:

  • Major update to back button functionality (cycles back through each step of AF instead of returning the user to the very beginning of the search sequence)
  • Fixed ability to populate filter values and step number from URL to directly place a user into a specific search type
  • Fixed ability to skip locations selection and/or categories steps
  • Fixed ability to suppress search functionality on final results page
  • Corrections for mobile experience (corrected spacing/styling issues, updated age filter to be 3 columns instead of 2, improved filter interaction experience, fixed pagination issues)
  • Correction of results pagination for Daxko-powered searches (25 results per page)

Contact your agency partner for more details to determine if you should apply this fix. Otherwise, we recommend you do not take the time to update until the next major release on August 13, 2019.