Version 2.2 is now live

New Release 2.2

  August 2019


Version 2.2 is now live! Technical release notes and source code can be found here.

This release features enhancements to Activity Finder, the debut of Home Branch, donated by YMCA Greater Brandywine, and a comprehensive update to Carnation accessibility for low/no vision users.

Activity Finder v2

  • Font size/padding adjusted for better experience on mobile, reformatted filter menu for more consistency, results link to CRM product detail page, added ability to automatically skip steps
  • Fixed sort results feature (activities listed on page now properly sort A to Z, etc.)
  • Fixed missing plus sign for activities without max age limit
  • Added ability for other modules to customize Activity Finder final results page
  • Developer experience enhancements (fixed wrong directory reference, enhanced AF search function’s backend configuration)
  • Fixed database discrepancies that caused errors when an item indexed in AF is deleted

Home Branch v1

  • Grants users ability to select a branch as “Home Branch” for associations with multiple locations
  • Home Branch creates a tailored experience for users on Schedule pages, searches, Locations page

Accessibility Improvements

  • Added aria-label to “continue reading” links for better UX on blog and news pages
  • Location and class names are now focusable for screen readers on schedule pages
  • Added alt-text to category icons in the global navigation drop down menu(s)
  • Fixed micro-site content that was being detected by screen readers but not visually present to create consistent UX for visual and non-visual users
  • Twenty-five additional updates to PEF, online membership, Give page and link text to allow individuals using screen readers to fully access Carnation theme websites

Language Translation Fixes

  • Fixed broken date headers on translated schedule pages
  • Fixed “Select Language” link on mobile menu to only display one link instead of multiple duplicates

PEF/GX Pro Enhancements

  • Fixed PEF class links to link users to correct class descriptions
  • Added ability to filter by class name and instructor on schedule results page
  • Fixed Groupex Pro empty sign up link to save information entered
  • Fixed PEF modal (pop-up) window paddings and margins for better visual experience
  • Fixed GX Schedule’s expand/collapse filters on OY Sandbox
  • Removed duplicate Next button on desktop when following PEF filter steps

Bugfixes & Other Updates

  • Fixed issue where all sub-categories would become unpublished if a parent category/class/activity was unpublished
  • Increased default Daxko API limit to enhance performance of Daxko-dependent features
  • Updated logo image paddings for Lily to be brand compliant
  • Fixed search function in Events page (previously user could not search for future events)
  • Added sticky sidebar option for all themes
  • Enhanced Alerts feature for greater compatibility with Home Branch
  • Fixed header/content field discrepancies in Carnation for program list pages
  • Added OpenY messages management tool within Drupal for better communication to site managers
  • Enhanced backend configuration for setting up website search tool on Carnation (Developers)
  • OpenY Upgrade Tool enhancement (Developers)
  • Non-critical security releases for developer environment (not live Open Y sites)(Developers)