What is Open Y?

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December 2019

As many of you may already know, Open Y was created by a collective of Ys so we could be more efficient with our digital spends and to create better user experiences.

Open Y is a digital customer experience platform designed to help Y associations of all sizes go beyond their four walls and leverage the power of digital technology to connect with their communities in new and exciting ways. We have some systemic challenges and together, we can share and create something better. 

What sets Open Y apart 
Open Y is not just another technology company. We were created by Y associations to cooperatively address the unique digital challenges confronting the greater Y movement. We have received generous support from Y-USA, YNAN, Y associations of all sizes, as well as like-minded partners. And we’re on pace to serve over 1/3 of all Y members in the United States by the end of 2019.

Collaboration + Integrations
Open Y is designed to work with most Y software solutions including Daxko, Active Net, Personify, GroupEx Pro and more. Through our partnerships with Ys, our core partners, and YUSA, we hope to improve the customer experience, lower the cost of ownership and foster faster testing and innovation. 

If you or anyone on your YMCA team is interested in learning more we host two calls each month: 

New Y Discovery Call for YMCAs: (1st Tuesday monthly, 11am CT) This is a great way to learn more about the Open Y platform and connect with our product leads on any questions you may have.

Open Y Monthly Check-in for YMCAs: (2nd Tuesday of every month, 11am CT). Here we cover topics that affect all Ys (from considering, to building, to live). You’ll learn about platform updates, key initiatives, and things affecting the YMCA digital transformation.

Sign up today

We have a variety of resources and connection points on our contact page and our Open Y message board. Please connect with our core team directly by email if you have any questions. 

-- Nathan Maehren: Strategy, Core Team