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From individual YMCA locations to YMCA associations of all sizes, Open Y welcomes everyone interested in benefiting, sharing and contributing to the greater digital good.

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Community Commitment

As more YMCAs use Open Y and contribute their own features back to the initiative, Open Y capabilities are expanding and growing to respond to customer needs.

  • Choose to share your own development efforts with the Open Y community. It’s up to you whether you share and how much you share.
  • For any modules that you do share with the Open Y community, they are to be shared free of charge and can be used by other participants.

Getting Involved

Getting involved in Open Y is totally up to you—and there are lots of ways to be a part of it. Contact the Open Y team for more details. You’re invited to:

YMCAs already involved (300)

In alignment with our mission, Open Y is for all YMCAs—YMCA of the USA, YNAN, Mid-Major and Small YMCAs are participating.

Live (180)

The following YMCAs already have a website live using Open Y:

*Indicates Virtual Y only

Committed (79)

These YMCAs are currently planning or developing a website with Open Y:

*Indicates Virtual Y only