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Core Features

These core features and functionality are ready to go within the current Open Y offering:

  • Alerts: Push targeted alert messages to individual web pages
  • Amenity filters: Filter locations by available amenities
  • Brand-compliant design themes: Customize the look and feel of a website with approved colors
  • Content management tools: Multimedia management, webforms, slideshows, Facebook widget and other content management tools
  • Content scheduling: Ability to schedule content to be published at specific date/time for marketing and promotions
  • Events: List upcoming events
  • Mobile friendly: Brand-compliant templates and themes that are mobile responsive
  • Multilingual capabilities: Translate content into different languages via Google Translate
  • Search engine optimization: SEO-friendly websites with custom URLs, metatags, open graph tags, page titles and XML sitemaps
  • YMCA features: Location finder, alerts and other features built specifically for the Y

Third-Party Integrations

Open Y can accommodate several third-party options, including:

  • CCC
  • Daxko
  • Facebook
  • Google Calendar
  • GroupEx PRO
  • Netpulse
  • Personify

Connect with a partner and other YMCAs using the Open Y platform to learn more about integrating the digital tools you use within Open Y.

Planned Features

Open Y is always evolving with more planned features and functionality to be added. Review the Open Y Distribution Roadmap and Virtual Y Roadmap for future features that are planned, including:

  • Personalization: Present users with content based on the branch/location they have selected or belong to.
  • Landing page wizard: Create and manage landing pages through drag-and-drop user interface. Integration with Layout Builder planned for Open Y 3.0.
  • More integrations: Present seamless experiences for users to find group exercise classes or register for programs with data source from ActiveNetwork and Daxko. 

Updates & Releases

Open Y system updates
Updates and new releases for Open Y on GitHub.

Open Y features and fixes
The latest details are always on our Message Board.

Drupal updates
Drupal 8 has moved to security updates only and all new features are on Drupal 9.

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