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12Bursts and YMCA 360 Update

12Bursts is on the move with daily physical activity and mindfulness challenges for kids and families. We've witnessed firsthand how excited kids can get from playing. It's adult-friendly too, so please share it with any of your child care teams and parent friends who are at home with kids.

Hear Betsy Grams of Cycle Health talk more about the program and what we're learning.

ymca360-woman-yoga and resources during Coronavirus

As Ys around the world work alongside local governments and organizations during the pandemic, YMCA 360, the CMO Basecamp group, and the Open Y community are supporting each other with an amazing show of abundance and goodwill. 

The YMCA 360 website is live with 60 on-demand exercise classes and more on the way! Special thanks to the Greater Wichita YMCA, YMCA 360 Founders and Leadership team for making this fabulous community resource available so quickly. 

Design system photo

Announcing the Open Y design system

Open Y has come a long way in three years. What started as a philosophy based on the idea of sharing has evolved into an active platform serving more than one-third of Y members in the United States. We’ve made remarkable progress but we’re just getting started. We plan to take some more big steps in 2020, including the creation of a new design system for Open Y.

Open Y brand guidelines

Open Y brand updates (2020)

The Open Y core team is pleased to announce that Open Y's visual brand identity has been updated. These updates are documented in the new Brand Application Guidelines document. We have also begun the process of documenting the Open Y Summit brand.

Brand changes

The most notable changes include the following: