We're all learning together

Getting the Open Y platform is like getting all the parts of a bicycle—you have everything you need but might need help putting all the pieces together correctly. 

When considering a partner, you’ll want to ask if they have:

  • Drupal 8 experience and are actively learning about Drupal 9
  • Experience working with Y associations or other non-profits
  • Experience with the features and integrations (e.g., Daxko or GroupEx PRO) you want to use
  • Built Open Y sites before—and if yes, which ones
  • The ability to support your website—for a fee—after launch with 24/7 coverage if something breaks
  • Recommendations for selecting a partner to host your website
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When to work with a partner

Most YMCAs using Open Y to build a website are collaborating with a partner for installation, migration, configuration, customization and hosting.

If you have resources on your team that are comfortable installing the Open Y code base to develop or create your website and content management system, you might not need to engage a partner—although this is uncommon. While this may be the least expensive option, it is important to recognize that it is also the most time-intensive option from a maintenance perspective.

Reach out to a couple different partners—we have a list for you to consider below—to get an idea for what the potential support costs might include for your specific needs.

If you’re planning to issue request for proposals and would like an RFP template as a starting point, contact the Open Y team.

Working with your current partners

As a participant, you’re free to work with any agency and there’s no need to commit to any specific technology partner or provider.

You’re also encouraged to connect with similar participating YMCAs to inquire about their investments using Open Y. It all depends on the size of your website, custom features and integrations, and your specific needs.

If your YMCA is currently working with a website provider or hosting company, you can continue to work with them—and you do not have to choose a partner listed below. However, there is likely a cost for these current partners to install and do basic configuration for the Open Y code. Please share this site with them and talk with them—and possibly a few additional partners for comparison—about an estimate to implement Open Y for your YMCA.

Featured Partners

Our featured partners have a demonstrated track record of success in providing high-quality Open Y sites for Associations across the country.

Partners for Mid-Large YMCAs

These featured partners understand the complex, customized integrations large Associations need to deliver on their mission.

Partners for Small YMCAs

These featured partners understand the budgets and personal connections desired by small Associations.

All partners

Contact these partners or your current partner to discuss your needs and options for collaboration. Email the core team if you have questions.

Full-Service Partners

These agencies have launched an Open Y website:

Specialty Digital Partners

These partners have integrations with Open Y and/or have had strategic planning sessions with the Open Y core team:

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The vision behind Open Y is for YMCAs of all shapes and sizes to thrive in the digital environment.

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